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Discover How To Protect Your Patients And Clinicians From 
Injury While Improving Functional Outcomes Using The Solo-Step!
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The Solo-Step Track System

Solo-Step is an overhead track and harness system designed to protect patients from falling during the rehabilitation process. Therapists can use this device to help patients regain strength and stability during balance and gait training.

  • Increase Safety For Both Patients And Clinicians!
  • Give Patients Confidence To Push Their Limits!
  • Regain Strength And Stability Faster!
  • Reduce Liability Risks And Increase Revenue!
  • Take On More Challenging Patients!
  • Improve Therapist Productivity! (Hands-Free)
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Here's What Other PT's Are Saying
 "Solo-Step® has the versatility to allow you to work with all patients whether it be amputees, post of total joints, athletes or aquatics. This tool gives the patient complete confidence during assisted ambulation and eases the fear of falling."
Mike Langston, PT
"We had a patient who had a mild stroke with the majority of the deficits in balance and coordination. We used the Solo-Step® everyday with this patient and he was able to walk out of our facility without using a walker or even a cane."
Emily Bonfiglio, PT
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